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workshopModeler's Workshop

The picture above is actually my workbench on a clean day. I have a dedicated space to devote to model building so I thought it would make sense to dedicate a space on the web for our virtual workbench. This section will cover basic tools as well as some of my current projects.

Glue Applicator

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glue bottleI picked up this tip while attending a "Modeling with the Masters" program run by the NMRA. Al Boos (MMR) made quick and easy glue applicators for the attendees. The basic components are;

1.5" piece of 1/4" dowel
sewing needle (can be old)

Model Photography

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Beginners Guide:
Photographing Your Models
With a low cost point and shoot camera.

With today's prices for digital cameras, model photography is in reach for many in the hobby. Most of the photographs on this web site were taken with a entry level digital camera so an expensive camera is not needed. Good quality digital photos are possible with lower cost digital cameras.