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Mark N. Goedert - Webmaster Mr. Trains

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mark and cabooseI have been involved in the hobby of model railroading for most of my life with short breaks for college and other life events.

I am a life member of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). I am also a member of the Northwest Trainmasters, a local railroad club. Both of these groups are friendly to new modelers and if you are looking for some first hand information on model railroading, meeting experienced modelers is a good start.  Experiencing what other hobbyists have done helps me determine what I desire in a model railroad.

I model the Chessie System Railroad as it operated in 1972 - 1980.  There are three separate railroads which form the Chessie System they are: Baltimore & Ohio, Chesapeke & Ohio and Western Maryland.  I have chosen HO (1/87) as my preferred scale and I currently enjoy attending conventions and model train shows with the Northwest Trainmasters modular railroad club.

This web site was created to share modeling techniques and showcase model railroading.  This web site was founded in 2004 and has evolved since then.  Knowledge is best used when shared and I hope you find this web site useful.

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2008 - Visitors = 3,720  Page Views = 22,608
2009 - Visitors = 7,408  Page Views = 38,687
2010 - Visitors = 5,929  Page Views = 22,239

Please explore these pages and have fun!  If you have any questions about model railroading please feel free to send an email.

Mark N. Goedert
NMRA Life Member


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