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Spill Recovery Car

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spill recovery car

Model Built by: Nicholas J. Goedert

My Dad saw an article in the NMRA Bulletin (Scale Rails) magazine on interesting PVC car loads. The feature was a spill recovery car that uses PVC caps as two halves of a storage tank.

With this inspiration he set to work making slight modifications to the car as construction progressed. The main difference is the use of a Bachman Depressed Center Flat Car as the base. The article used a higher end kit that added more construction time to the model. The ready built flat allowed more time to be spent modeling the equipment. The flat car has sufficient visual interest enhancing the overall appearance.

(Click on images for close up)

The photos above show each end of the car. Different details and scrap box parts were used to simulate the pump and generator equipment.

Support Cars

Any maintenance of way train needs a few more cars to flesh out the consist. The spill recovery car needs an auxiliary equipment car to hold hoses and other support tools.

(Click on images for a close up)

A caboose was added to the mix giving us a recovery train ready to roll.

(Click on image for a close up)

Overall this is a really cool model to see on the layout. The caboose has a flashing coupola light activated with a magnetic reed switch.

- Mark N. Goedert


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