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Prototype In-Depth
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This area of the web site has articles with a very deep focus on a single aspect of the prototype.  Look here for articles focusing on specific locomotives or rolling stock.  Photo collections in this secion will cover a lot of detail on aspects of the prototype that may be overlooked.

GP35 Prototype - GLC 391

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locomotive photo

The Great Lakes Central (GLC), originally called the Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railroad (TSBY), is a regional railroad in the state of Michigan.  Operations for the TSBY began in 1977 and continue today.  The photos in this section focus on the details of locomotive #391, City of Owosso, as the locomotive appeared in the summer of 2007.  Many thanks to the GLC for supporting the NMRA in providing safe access to the service facility and overall gracious hosting of our tour group.