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diesel locomotive

Model railroading is a hobby of collecting, building, and running model trains. I have to thank my Dad for giving me the "railroad bug" that I enjoy today. I also have to credit the many friends I have made through train clubs and the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). They have, over the years, shown me what a great hobby Model Railroading can be.

Naperville RPM 2010

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Illinois Central Diesels

Naperville Railroad Prototype Modelers (Naperville RPM) - This year was yet another successful Railroad Prototype Modelers meet in Naperville Illinois near Chicago.  Joe D'Elia was at the helm for the first time this year taking over the meet from Sunshine Models. Joe has experience with the RPM movement and meets on the west coast.  This year was a transition that built upon previous meets with new flavor. In addition to the display room and great seminars presented by leaders in model railroading the RPM included a joint meet on Friday with the 1/87 vehicle modelers.  I definitely look forward to the Naperville RPM show next year.  RPM meets are held at various times and locations around the country with schedule information at

What is RPM? - Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM) strive for very realistic models that are based on photographs and observations of real trains.  The seminars focus on very specific aspects of railroad transportation and industries served by rail.  RPM strive for an understanding of how real railroads work and then apply the knowledge into model form.  My favorite aspect of RPM is the display room where modelers can bring finished or work in progress models to share techniques.  The photo gallery below is a sampling of the modeling you can experience at a RPM meet.  You will agree, it is high-caliber modeling across many scales.


Free-mo NTS 2010

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Tank car loading at a chemical refinery

Modular railroading is where modelers bring small sections of railroad together and interconnect them to create large layouts.  A module is basically a section of railroad that is created and owned by a hobbyist.  Free-mo is a type of modular railroad standard that allows for flexible module design and allows the diverse sections to connect together.

Typically a modular railroad is a loop of track where trains run in circles.  Free-mo breaks the loop concept and provides freedom for individual modelers to create interesting scenes that vary in shape.  By following the Free-mo standard each module can connect together to form a large railroad.  In the greatest example modelers from across the country can meet bringing sections together that will be compatible forming a truly large and free form layout.

Click "Read More" to see the Free-mo NTS 2010 Gallery


Cincinnati Northern RR

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The 2010 NMRA National Train Show featured a lot of great layouts.  Of particular interest is the freelanced Cincinnati Northern Railroad.  The talented modelers presented a sectional railroad featuring a coal hauling railroad.  The modeling was high-quality from the track work to the structures and scenery.  The members were awarded with two plaques of honor; First Place Group Entry and DPM Structures awards.  Congratulations!

Track signal

Enjoy the gallery below featuring the Cincinnati Northern Railroad.


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