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Coupler Conversion Car

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Freight cars are connected together with couplers. There are different kinds of couplers and most models in the US fall into two basic categories; horn hook (called XF25 style) and hnuckle style (Kadee© coupler style).Fortunately today most scale model trains come with the more realistic looking knuckle style couplers. Not too long ago the standard coupler for all rolling stock kits was the horn hook coupler. What do you do if you have both?

Tools Needed

Small Tweezers

Small screwdriver
Parts Needed
Kadee© #5 or #58
Inevitably you probably have a few cars from your early hobby days that you cannot part from your collection. I have a few of these cars that run on my railroad today. During the time when I had a mix of horn hook couplers and the kunckle style I made a conversion car with both style couplers on it. This allowed me to continue running all of my trains on the layout as I converted the older cars to newer couplers. Car Ends

This car is equipped with two sets of couplers. The photo on the left shows the old X25 or more commonly called the horn hook coupler installed on the "B" end of the car (brake wheel end). The photo on the right shows the newer Kadee© coupler installed on the "A" end of the car.

You can perform this type of installation on as many cars as you need to give you more flexibility. Once you build a car like this there really is no loss and no hurry to convert your entire fleet over because you can continue to run all of your cars on the layout. This gives you flexibility to convert small batches of cars when you have time and can afford the couplers. After all of your favorite horn hook cars are coverted you can upgrade the b-end of your transition cars to Kadee© couplers to finish the job.

Mark N. Goedert


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